You may have loved someone but they didn’t like you back and sometimes that does hurt and make you feel crushed but could that make you feel sad forever or even have turn into depression

Will you keep a cloud of rain on top of you to have it constantly storming on your days and nights

Reach out your hand and maybe someone could grab onto it

Let the clouds of sadness fade away and let the sun shine through

Let your smile be real and don’t be afraid to brighten up someone else’s day

Life is a struggle and it’s hard for most people on this earth but lets try our best to live and strive in life.

Inspired By The Song “Shine” By A-Lin


You might have loved someone

Loving till the end but eventually gave up

You might have washed your face with tears

Doubting if you’re rejected by love

Oh your heart! Just like a broken hole in the sky

Depression and loneliness, down pouring

Standing on the street, you couldn’t avoid them

Why not, pleasurably throw away past memory

Get going now, someone must be waiting

Look, dark cloud has thinned out, sun light has come out

Towards the direction of the sun light

Let your smiling face brighten up

Love is the color spectrum of the heart

It makes your life unique

Love sparkles your future


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