No matter how many times we embrace i feel deep down inside we can never become one
We are still known simply as you and i but only different names
My heart hurts from the constant manipulation
My dreams are still the same an empty void but at the same time your still there always watching
You became the world i never knew and its funny how meeting face to face is a deep loneliness but slowly you opened up to me like a strawberry and i soon did the same but this time my heart was like a coconut that has not a lot of husk
Love is thoughts and feelings which give me strength and will to keep going missing someone is like an emotional nostalgia but today i see it through while i’m singing this song it’s because i love you and you leave me breathless
So take my hand while we walk towards the cruel new dawn.

Inspired By The Song “Michiyuki” From the Anime “Loveless”


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