Laid out on the couch in the afternoon, awake,

It’s become my favourite resting place,

Though I cannot get comfortable for my life,

When I was a kid, I had two bunks to myself,

So, I built a den and lay down on the floor,

And that’s where I’d sleep for the night.


Dim the lights on the day,

My thoughts are sailing away,

Turn the seasons away,

Lest another year older comes to smash in my door.


Don’t want to play my guitar today,

I can’t play that well anyway,

Singing off key,

Steals my soul felt words from me,

Songs about the absence of a love I never had,

Aching from the memories of old friends good and bad.


Dim the lights,

Dreams are a picture show to view,

Turn away history,

Before it catches up with me, and before, it catches up with you.


I remember their names, but never their faces,

They’re lost to the same haze that united us in those places,

We never said hello and never goodbye,

We just drifted into and out of each other’s lives,

They pluck the wrong strings of my heart as I wonder,

When seeking out honest emotions became my thunder.


Dim the lights,

I don’t want to shed light on those days,

It might turn the bones in their graves,

It might wake the ghosts of yesterday.


I hope to catch the sunrise tomorrow,

I’ve known too many sunsets, too many dusk’s,

Too many false dawns, seen, not enough day,

I don’t think my eyes have seen a four-leaf clover in years,

And the lottery of luck is running errands for the rich,

I’d be satisfied with being poor if being broke wasn’t such a bitch.


Dim the lights,

My eyes are closing again,

Turn the season,

I’ll dream of springtime rain.


And I’ll fill your half empty cup,

With my teardrops again,

I’ll give you some grace,

To swallow it down,

Or throw it in my face,

I’ll be leaving tomorrow morning. -Hayley


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