I know i might get backlash for this but i need to speak out because this bothers me quite a bit

So not too long ago there’s a girl who self harms and has been doing that for the last 9 years but by the looks things recently she started using that as some sort of way to either gain attention or gain fame she gained a huge following on facebook and some people reached out to her and tried to give her help but she would decline it and she would give tips and advice on how to not self harm but she does it too herself anyways

What really is upsetting the most is that when you say one wrong thing to her even if it was minor she or her fans would verbally attack you and say how you should go kill yourself

This girl has showed up on the doctor phil show and she even declined dr Phil’s help her mother was saying while she was on the show was that her daughter would lock herself in the bathroom and self harm till the floor is covered in blood the mother then would say that at one point the police had to show up because someone harmed themselves because of her

There is a video that a 15 year old girl has gotten bullied by this girl and made a video about her but soon took it down just recently she reuploaded the video

And look if you don’t like this post then don’t fucking look at it but i need to put this out



7 thoughts on “Rant On A Self Harmer

  1. Why doesn’t she just work as a volunteer playing with IED’s. She might help some people who are trying to help others.


    1. I’m guessing she doesnt want to be bothered and just wants to use social media as a way to get her self out there and what i find that’s terrible is why she would bully someone whos 15 and shes 20 something then had the nerve to tell people that 15 year old killed herself its not right and its funny and its cute emily at one point bullied some woman who made a petition to get her kicked off facebook but facebook only banned her for a few days then soon let her back on its the same thing like how youtube function’s when it came to what onision (pedophilia) did then daddyofive (child abuse) then Austin jones (pedophilia) and then charlie chill (abuse) these people can go online and the admins wont do anything but for people that speak out they get punished what a backwards world we live in


      1. Nothing surprising anymore. I was committed in the mental health system at 18. Never committed a crime never will. Rapists and murderers get better treatment in this society. On one hand they state we are are above average intelligence or beyond…. yet the fantasy reality we create for ourselves doesn’t support their statements??
        Murder is celebrated by these people if it is done within their bounds of keeping with the optics. Media gets off on it all anyway.

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          1. Amazing this realm is. Only with our ability to create it can we now even get close to the mathematics and cosmology of our ancestors who made the pyramids and other geoarchitectural wonders

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