I know that not everyone has perfect teeth and that sometimes we do have some sort of imperfection with our teeth

Over 4 or 5 years ago i was told that my jaw was an underbite and that i need braces or i should get surgery for it so i went with the braces

The process drove me nuts to where i couldn’t take the pain too much but what i did fucked me for life

The orthodontist put in a jaw expander which is used to have my jaw either be a bit smaller or be a bit bigger and there were hooks for it but over sometime me being me……i broke them

They were never replaced and because of that they started to see i just don’t give a fuck anymore so they left for some time then they eventually just took it all out and now my mouth is pretty much fucked up now

My braces were soon removed in i believe somewhere in 2014

So to any who don’t know what an underbite is it’s where your bottom jaw goes forward and your top goes backwards and what scared me the most was recently i looked up what happens if you don’t treat it and i went into shock if you don’t treat it you can end up loosing your teeth and then experience all kinds of pain because your jaw is in such an unnatural position

The hooks for my jaw expander were used for a device that would bring my top jaw forward but since i broke the hooks (I was playing around with them and i know it was my fault) they didn’t replace it and i think they didn’t want to replace it not because of price but because then you would have to take out the braces then reattach another one and honestly ain’t no body got time for that

Eventually i was given some retainers quite a while ago just to at least have my teeth keep their shape but i ended up loosing them when i moved houses

So now i have fucked up teeth a fucked up jaw and my only option left is surgery but my mom isn’t going to bother paying for it because it’s too expencive and i just don’t care anymore i sometimes ball out crying because i’m going to loose my teeth to some stupid jaw structure i was born with

And i’ll have to pay for it myself when i get older and have a job but i don’t know where i’ll be able to find the money for it the surgery costs over 5,000 i believe i only go to the dentist to either fix what part of my teeth are broken or fillings but other than that nope

And then i also need to get 2 more teeth removed (Wisdom teeth)

So that adds more problems

I’m pretty much fucking sad that i won’t be able to fix my jaw then i’m pissed at myself that i fucked the only chance i ever had at having a “Normal” mouth and i’m defeated because i have no other options anymore

at least it’s not that bad i’ll maybe have something nice turn up.


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