So today i came with my story time that talked about my depression and my self harm and then the issue with my jaw i made not too long ago and today i’m just going to shift away from me for a moment and talk about a youtuber who’s video’s i have watched quite a bit for sometime His name is Nikocado Avocado a vegan who now just went back to eating meat not too long ago and would film with his boyfriend and would have their birds and sloth apart of the video too. Today he came out with another heartfelt video about some hate comments he’s been getting in videos that are very light hearted. Him and his boyfriend have been made fun of and have been told (Either both of them or one of them i’m not too sure) That they should go kill themselves. I don’t know why that word is so popular now but because of all this hate Nick got really emotional and he was talking about some very heavy things I felt like shit because i rant and rave about how bad i hate school and how it drove me back to self harm and all that other stuff. Nick from what i learned from a comment someone made has only his boyfriend their pets and social media and even though i don’t have a boyfriend i at least have the internet and i could still talk even though it’s not always face to face. I have nothing against nick and the same goes for Orlin (His boyfriend). In fact i envy nick for having someone like orlin in his life because i’m the type of person people avoid because i’m seen as either a freak or just too different to be around and that only friend shadow if you remember is my only friend because him and i weren’t too different but even at some point there does come a time where we would feel a bit different. Nick also mentioned a lot of stuff that people did to him while he was in school and that made me think how fucked up can children be to do something like that. The part he told me that really bothered me was that he said that people would hit him in the face after he was knocked down or something along those lines Then would get followed home and have stones thrown at him. After looking at that i felt very crushed so i left him a comment talking a bit about making a post that was kind of hard for me to do and i even mentioned that i’m the type of person people avoided then then soon reached out to nick to on instagram and i knew he wasn’t going to reply but i at least wanted to hope that he realizes that there are still fans that care for him. I also mentioned Trisha Paytas and sean (I don’t really know much about him but i do know that him and trish at some point was dating but i think trish outed him or something i’m not sure) and that i didn’t blame them for feeling the way they feel because even though there are people who are in the spotlight and are seen as “Gods” they are still human who still have feelings. Afterwords there was a video on button poetry i saw and i felt kind of better after looking at it.

So if anyone wants to reach out to nick through insta here you go:

And here’s the video i was talking about.


Here’s also a music video that came out after Trisha Talked about her depression and how she felt


As for sean i don’t really know what kind of video to put for him so i’m just going to leave it alone but i believe if i’m not mistaken he just isolated himself for some time away from social media and i think even away from human contact in general for sometime i could be wrong.


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