I keep telling myself i need to move on but my heart still lies in the ocean singing your song like how we use to sing it

Loving you forever isn’t wrong mostly because we were connected for so long but i can’t just move on without you

There’s no remedy for a memory because you are my melody

The memories of you keep following me and haunting me even though i wished i was dead already

Every time i close my eyes i dreamt in a place where it was only you and i and no need for anyone else

But every time i even wake up i’m sometimes hoping you’ll be waiting on the other side so that we can be together

In our empty world with just us.

Inspired By The Song “Dark Paradise” By Lana Del Rey


One thought on “Empty Paradise (Poem)

  1. Hi one time I said how I wasted all that time on certain guys …I’ve been thinking. I said it wrong. You should wallow and wail…Paint loud paintings..write poetry save them in a special box or…burn them..loose it in the car …go out dancing ..laugh a lot…you might even write a book…who knows. I was wrong…

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