With the sun finally going down and work for me is nearing it’s end i look forward to “Coming Home”

There’s a saying that Home is wherever you lay your head but to me Home is where you can confide in someone or something and actually look forward to come back to

Just thinking back to all our memories together you just became that deep connection for me that i just bond with so naturally

Because of you i was able to not just change my attitude to things but i even made a better lifestyle

And i don’t have to constantly be alone all the time in this world of madness where we do nothing but kill and harm one another all while everything is killing us from the very inside leaving us blind to not knowing it

And here we are stuck inside this salted earth together it doesn’t bother me as much because with you living became easier and dying more peaceful

And at least i’m glad that i don’t have to worry about having a fear anymore now that i have you

And we can travel together

On the open road leading to where ever our hearts guide us.


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