From the very start there was war

From the very dawn there was strife

And from those who walked the planet hate began to fester like cancer in a living person

Pollution for survival begins causing us all to chock on the heavy chemicals killing us from the inside

Difference between us are impurities not fully understood by most

And even those in solitude lived and still live in fear of the world outside knowing that the planet screams as it’s natural beauty is damaged and sometimes beyond repair

Animals used for their flesh consumed or worn all in the name of our “Survival” Right

Fear pain greif and anger all fester within them

Innocence of children taken away at a very early age showing them the darker aspects of the human psyche

Death became a way of living and survival became the way to life

And even though were trapped on this planet of plants animals and even our own species

There’s always at least one thing that makes us feel good inside and apart of this world of the broken.


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