I remember constantly waking up and sometimes saying good morning to mom and day all the time

We use to skip school together and our parents would never know and how we were such crazy kids back then

My eyes still well up with tears just thinking about our Youth Eric

It may have been a long time ago but i still remember it like yesterday

The way we would go out into the busy night streets and just enjoy living were the best years of my life and memories i still hold on to

All the talking and all the times we kept trying not to get into trouble became a rush and excitement to know what freedom or even nostalgia feels like

And now today even though our paths are going different ways we can still be in contact with one another and we may not see one another again face to face but i still think we’ll still see each other again one day

Your kindness and good heart was a present you gave to me and i am thankful deep beneath my heart.

Inspired By The Song “Erika” By Kokia


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