Water flowing like the river shows the reflection of my heart deep down inside

The sun’s light bringing a bit of warmth to the water also becomes inviting to some creating to either bathe or drink upon it

The water brings life into this world and takes it away like the many plants that grow along it’s embankment

And even at night the stars become the ocean’s light guiding those lost in the dark and even until the sun comes up

The ocean became the flow of life.

Inspired By The Song “River” By Kokia



Like the flowing river
Like the swinging waves
I want to live like the river
that glitters and shines
while forever going on

Like the blooming flowers
that under the wide sky
over the green Earth
go towards the Sun with all their strength
piling on the soil
shining while they fall

People live their lives
like these small flowers

This flame that burns
This star that disappears
The people that live their own lives
All of them will burn out

Until that day
I want to live with all my strength
I want to live with all my strength


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