I placed both of my hands upon my beating heart while hearing the sounds of the clock tick

on and on goes the sound of life

Connecting and weaving the song of my heart

Just imagining coming into this world and then wondering how it all starts is my heart really filled with a lot of happiness?

I’m living now i know that but i will have to one day face the end like the many others i know

I’m keeping all of this in my memory just to hold on to because everyday could be a valuable life lesson from learning how to walk even learning how to talk

And hey i just noticed just being here made me wonder and see living and understanding struggle also showed me a bit of happiness through it all

I can still remember and recall the hands that picked me up so many times whenever i fell down and helped take care of me even when i get lost

I have life in my body and I’ve been holding it in my hands but does it still make me realize i’m living here.

I still hear the click tick that’s still all that’s happening but there’s also still some sort of moment away to become a memory just sitting there quietly

Inspired By The Song “Warmth” By Kokia (It could be another title though Not Too Sure.)




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