In this world were born live and die

We see many things and hear many beautiful sounds

Even those who have are very huge disadvantages who can shine brighter than most of the stars here on earth

Even as a society we still judge those who are different from others even to where having thoughts different from another is still something that lead to prejudice

But does every sound that rings here have any sort of meaning anymore

Like the sound of a beating heart or the sound of a musical note

Why must the culture of autotuning and creating Monsters out of children

Each sound is like a petal of a flower that wilted died or are still living in some way

I still hear the earth’s natural sounds such as the rain that hits my window and the wind that blows all around my body

Even the birds butterflies and bees as they go about their work keeping earth’s cycle of beauty going Even while songs of an already broken world still play loudly drowning everything pure and beautiful out.

And even those with deepness, Hidden Storms and pain are all but ignored and drowned out by sounds of something very unnatural

I still feel the movements of the earth under my feet nature still going about it’s work all while we all just go with the eternal cycle.

Inspired By The Song “Infinity” By Kokia


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