So last month i began summer school and pretty much to those who don’t know Summer school is mostly a place where you go for the summer to make up for some of the things you didn’t do in school that you needed to do in order to pass

Since i pretty much was a mess this year and i wasn’t getting the right help till it was to late i had to suffer with this but it’s not as much as a problem because it’s mostly people from my school that are in it everyone’s at different levels as well. (For summer school were not in our regular school building were in another school building). Not too long ago another class was added for me that i needed to take (At the time i only had 1 class to take then i would leave but since i now have another class i can’t leave early i have to leave in the early afternoon) This class is just ELA the work isn’t that hard but i never finish it in time because there’s a lot of students in it and then there’s a lot of distraction that goes with it. A lot of the students are a bit mean to me because i’m not what you can say “Normal” i’m the type of person that people run away from. There’s one kid in particular who annoys me so much that i just want to see him vanish (I’m not going to say the violent version because i don’t want to get reported or flagged) This kid would call me a fucking turtle then a Weeaboo (A person that likes anime or something) then afterwords has his ugly ass friend with fucking ratchet ass hair pieces laughing at me he started this shit yesterday and today he tried sitting with me at lunch today and i wasn’t fucking having it i tried so hard not to loose my cool and snap at him. He even went so far as to call me names in some sort of language i never herd of (i have a thought it could be some sort of european language but i don’t know) he at one point left his tray for a second to talk to someone and he thought i put something in it when i didn’t. His fucking friend kept laughing at me and i just wanted to clock that bitch already but i had to hold back. You could tell me that i should go to an adult and tell them about it but i wont bother because i have a bit of a rocky relationship with them and then plus they would just kick me and the kid out and neither of us would get credit. I said a lot of hurtful things to this kid that i have no feeling for. I don’t want to repeat what i told him but all i’m going to say is that it’s a problem a lot of people would face on a daily basis mostly young people. And yeah i know i shouldn’t be saying things like that but i’m at my limit my anxiety is all up in the air and my blood pressure has been shot up and i felt like i was about to passout all because of this one person. There are others but i’m not going to mention them. And yes i’m okay


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