I know guys who are trying to fit into to this world like a glove a bit to small for a hand that’s too big

I know guys that wonder if they are fit and strong enough to be intimating to one another

I know guys who are trying to hide how they feel inside using materialistic objects, Drugs, And sex to numb it all I met some guys who just wanna “Hit it and quit it” but the time has come for us to realise that guy’s suffer too

A lot of men in general are told to be masculine and strong just to reproduce but not many men are intrested in what has been done since humanity came to be

Some would rather be the rainbow that shines brightly in the sky

Some would want to be a performer or even a producer who releases music

Many men who were taken out of this world were replaced by such an imbalance of fuck boys, and some who want to be “Extra”

Many boys grow up with no fathers or mothers no love or care but just the music that’s always the same beat with the same kind of words

Violence left and right shoot from the sky causing fires floods and many other tragedies

But try this look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself what do you see and remember that you are living this body for a reason and that you should be who you want to be

You are more than who you fuck you are worth more than some drugs that people want you to try you are worth more than trying to fit in with something that isn’t you

Try to live and try to take another step forward.

Inspired By The Song “Body Love” By Mary Lambert.


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