Today brings a journey to which i’m going to travel on for now but until the day winds down so shall i sleep when the sun goes down

As my eyes begin to close i hope for a future that could be a bit brighter for me and i dream of having at least one person with me through my life and no having to always be alone

But at the same time we all can’t get what we want wish or desire for we sometimes have to walk this road of journeying or glory alone but sometimes loneliness isn’t always bad because along the way there are still things you can look at document and cherish

And when tomorrow comes i still i rise to face the morning sun and face with grace and wind down when the sun begins to set again and the moon’s face begins to show

Day after day night after night like an endless celestial dance in the sky and the many symbolic movements through life i make i walk this road of tomorrows hopes and dreams.


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