They didn’t see anything odd from the outside only the scars which are buried deep beneath my skin

Looks don’t bother me anymore being a freak in a world full of “Normals” got pretty boring

Being judged for being different is something not many deserve especially when there’s a war between man and other things with them

I’m at a war within my mind constantly having to hide the pain that i feel inside my heart aches from constantly beating what’s already dead my eyes are tired from waking up to the world that just doesn’t want me around and to only find out how the sun is about to be blacked by the moon scares me the most

Stress has ended my freedom breath and the pills that i was suppose to take were left alone on a counter

My depression isn’t a shape sifter but it’s a shadow that creeps and follows me around but hides whenever someone’s around

But only that one friend who knows my story and knows my struggles learned and related so much to me on a level deeper than the oceans and ice on this planet

And when i soon take the breath that is my last don’t bury me to dream with the stars instead scatter my ashes far and then move on with your life

I may never know where i’m going to be or who i’m going to be in the near future but all i wish is to at least be able to smile and hope it works out in the end.


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