So not too long ago i wrote about a kid who pretty much has been bothering me and saying and doing many things. All he would do is call me “Turtle” and then make fun of my sexuality and make fun of my fingers because they naturally curve upwards along with many other parts of my face and body.

And today he started making small balls out of paper and throws it at me i got so mad that i was ready to snap and beat the mess out of him.

But i know your wondering why aren’t i the reason why is because if i was to fight him then me and him would get kicked out of summer school and neither of us would get the credit. The teacher has seen and herd this kid time and time again. Many of the other students have been hearing and seeing what this kid has been doing and they all feel the same way i do and that’s beat the shit out of him but all we do is turn our fucking heads and ignore that piece of shit. To be honest he has bothered me more than any person ever has and i’m fucking sick of it. I don’t know what he’s planning on doing but what i herd from someone was that he’s scared to fight people because he knows they’ll beat his ass up. He only fucks with me because i don’t do shit and i know the consequences and i don’t want to end up suffering for it in the end. Cause really were all fucking high school students who should of grew out of this petty fucking drama but it looks like i’m sucked back into it But no skin off my nose cause after all when summer school ends i’ll be starting my new life (I hope).


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