So last night i was talking with him about a solar eclipse that’s going to be happening on the 21th of this month and he was excited for it as for me i was a bit nervous because this is the first time i would experience one first hand (Once in a life time right?). Me and him soon talked about how we felt deep down and he saying how i was that only moment in his life when everything fell apart because a lot of people he cared for passed away leaving him alone. I don’t want to put his business out there but what i’m going to say is that he really is going to miss me but i told him he’s still going to be in contact with me and that i won’t be far away. I hate that i had to leave just because of the state i’m in but he’s strong he’ll manage cause if he can deal with being jumped and all other violent things that happened to him he’ll manage and besides he’s doing better than me where he’s at i’m falling behind. I soon gave quotes from the song’s that made me think of him and they were from “Time to say goodbye” From Kokia and “Ginga” from Misia.

“That parting scene where we couldn’t touch each other
Made me stronger.

If I hadn’t met you then, I wouldn’t know you.
It seems obvious, but I’m glad that coincidence happened.

I’ve got to go    time to say goodbye
With my best smile.

The sheer number of partings makes me stronger.
If we close our eyes, we can see each other anytime.

These warm memories will always reside in my heart
That smile that gave me those pure feelings.

With one last kiss    time to say goodbye
Full of gratitude

I’m glad I met you. We’ll meet again someday.
Hold me so we never forget.” -Kokia

He then sent me a quote from some song that sang about someone who lost their girlfriend and left roses on her grave and i knew what meant and that really touched me but what pained me the most was when i sent him the next one.

“I’ll change the memories of the love I was lucky
to come across into kindness
If I gaze up at it a message from the starry sky
that continues on to tomorrow will remain in my heart forever”

And then…..

“Memories of when the days passed by without even being able to say goodbye
even now speak to my heart

I won’t forget

I’ll change the memories of the love I was lucky
to come across into stardust
It’ll shine in my heart no matter what
I want to protect the message of the starry sky forever
Your kindness was a present, thank you from my heart” -Misia “Ginga”

I had a feeling it really hit him because i didn’t tell him the translation i only gave him the song but i had the feeling he wouldn’t listen to it but that’s okay. From as long as i can remember i never met someone who had the same intrests as me so i didn’t feel alone that much anymore.


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