He walks to school with a face of bitter sadness upon on his face and no one bothers asking or wondering what he’s holding back wearing the same outfit he wore the other week he bears the scars of lashes in his neck and no one still asks why

The teachers want to ask but they never bother to it’s hard to see the pain behind the mask he created so well bearing the burden of a storm he has within he even wishes how much he wanted to die from all the pain he suffered through

Through the wind and rain tears and blood he stands hard as a stone protecting those who still matter to him but his dreams gives him the will to keep living on even when he thinks he can’t

I hear sob as i come by him they all still hear but they keep on walking holding on to whatever life he has left he still keeps going on

The next day a statue stands in an almost lonely place his name was written on a rock jagged like teeth

A broken heart the world never cared for and a soul who survived it all.

Inspired By The Song “Concrete Angel” By Martina Mcbride


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