I walk on the street and watch the same tragedy be played again and again only difference is its with different names and different faces of different ages

In a world bound by rules its like a guessing game filled with risks one step out you can either get a slap on the wrist or could get death even in this twisted game filled with people who decide the fate of other people

In this game it leaves its scars on us all and with the constant change not everything stays the same forever cause sometimes balances of powers do sift among the power of others

I walk away from this world only a few times going my way to open my heart to the universe and whatever’s still out there just to hear the stories of other beings different from me hoping they might be doing better than I do

As we’re all busy ending each other this earth has suffered and seen the many abuses of humanity has done and slowly we can and will reach the oblivion that will case life on this little world to go out like a candle in the dark when the wax runs out.


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