“Illusions” By Erik Vincenti Zakhia

Sometimes the illusion of happiness is stronger than happiness itself Sometimes you are led astray by tangled feelings you fail to decipher Until when you learn the language of your own soul

via Illusions — Erik Vincenti Zakhia


One Heaven Above The Earth (Poem)

From the distance of the sky lies the clouds that circle and hover above the planet bringing peace and creativity to my mind

I spread the joy of laughter until I hear the person I care the most for laugh somewhere in this world

Many wars that broke out has damaged the humanity within everyone causing us to fight for against nature and against ourselves

All I can do is believe in that clear blue sky and hope that there isn’t still war going on

The tears of many children makes me worry for our future
Are we going to keep fighting until we fight ourselves out of existence (Death)
Or are we going to try to unify while still trying to be decent to one another

Nothing is perfect and that we’ll all still be different in our own ways

But why not we all come together and look at that one heaven above this earth.


你是我明星 (You Are My Star) (Poem)

My dear 情人 (Lover) you brighten up my days with your lovely smile so bright it can light up any light sky and drive darkness away with just a single glance

You are the 花 (Flower) that blooms in my empty world without you my life would be like an empty city with nothing but broken dreams and memories in a constant replay time and time again

You Don’t know how beautiful you are both internally and externally even when the world is on your case I still give you a warm embrace with all my being

You may not know it but you are and still will always be my star.

無盡 故事 (Untold Story) (Poem)

If you choose to follow me around like a child don’t be surprised that I never told the story of my life

Behind my smile lies a story that was never told

Behind these scars lies a struggle that still goes on

Silent screams no one hears but no one cares

My heart was always left broken leaving me to fix it and pick up the broken pieces but yet as always someone has to brake it

I lost many people in my life some came for a season then some left with the wind leaving me behind on this bleeding and slowly dying planet

Can you promise me that, upon separation, you will feel at ease turning your head back to look at me.