World And Mind In Stillness (Poem)

I wish i known before hand how this would all play out i lost so much but gained so little
Who would i have had to live for
Who would i have had to die for
Would i still even be here before or after
I kept on looking back to the memories of you and i and kept asking myself why couldn’t i have stopped it and why couldn’t i have saved you
I love to still have you by my side i would of thrown it all away just to be with you
I couldn’t hold any of my feelings inside and away from everyone
I once had you and now that you’re gone i just want you to still remember something
I loved you i really truly loved you
So take care of the things that happen in life because you’ll never know when it’ll be your last.

Inspired By The Song “Bastille day, 1961” By Black Tape For A Blue Girl

Tempter’s Night (Poem)

I was sitting on my balcony watching the view when i noticed him walking down the street
My dear friends that saw him lured him to my home offered a drink and quite surprisingly he had his mask on just to hide his wonderful face but those dark black eyes darker than the fucking night sky is something i never forgot
Being a seductive tempt is not too hard for me
But since he maybe is a lady’s man it’s maybe worth a try
Just to put on my sexy school girl outfit and putting on my favorite flats is something i enjoy doing
To my surprise i was kind of shocked he stayed
swayed by my looks he enjoyed what he saw
And he even knew what was under my dress
And all i did was smile.

Inspired By The Song “Whore” By In this moment

Writing doesn’t mean i have healed

Writing doesn’t mean i have healed

It doesn’t mean i am okay with what has happened

Or have i seen the bigger purpose behind the hurt i have been forced through

Writing doesn’t mean i have become good at turning pain into something beautiful and carrying on with my life

It doesn’t mean i have perfected my courage and tripled my strength and i am invincible and no long vulnerable

It doesn’t mean i have won over my demons and am winner of every battle

I am still a mess

But i am no longer a hopeless mess

I am still broken but i don’t believe broken is fatal and ugly anymore

It doesn’t mean i am all light

It only means i am learning to look into my darkness and finding where i can create light

Writing is the path to healing and it is my path now find yours

Find your journey your way to healing and take a step

It is such a long journey but let’s believe in it

let’s believe that we will be okay again and thread on the path together

We will not run or rush we will just let ourselves be guided by the path and we will be okay.

We will certainly be okay. -zarahd (Mirakee)


Even though my grades have gone down hill i’m still screamed at for it

My mental state has been going down through the years

I lost all care for the consequences

Because it’s been a long time since i felt any sort of real happiness that fake smile, Make up that hides my scars, the pills i take to bring about a fake me all while the real me is locked up somewhere

The blade that gave me comfort and the song that i sing all day long just to feel a bit better.

Secrets hide behind walls that sometimes whisper

They listen to you when you think your alone

The silent feeling of loneliness doesn’t follow me to bed the loneliness is always me

And even though i’m struggling in life at least my friends and other people i know can achieve higher than i ever tried too…