Naughty Boy (Erotic Poem)

Still he stares deep into my empty eyes. He comes closer to me as internally I start to slowly feel fear wash onto me as if I was slowly freezing under the spring sky but apart from all this madness that’s going on in the world my brain tuned it out.

I see him come closer only to whisper into my ear where to meet him later. I go to where he called me and like gentleman he shows himself to me a way I see most fitting

In a robe nude and in bed I climb in with him taking off all my clothes and silent he began to lick, kiss ,and suck me off my senses going numb and the feelings of passion burning through my body stuck with me.

I then afterwards blew him more than his girlfriend ever did and especially since they weren’t together I felt like I could of spent more than just this hook up with him.

This was more than carnal lust this was a connection that I never felt before something in me started to stir and in quite a while I actually felt a tiny bit happy.

But yet this naughty boy wanted my wild side to come out and eventually he got me very exited when my turn came about.

He was moaning out of joy and we both soon smiled out of joy.

When it was all over and our bodies back in balance we just layed together in silent bliss and in peaceful sleep we embraced

Oh you naughty boy.