Have you ever seen the sun, crying, for every slice of moon being disappeared with the passage of time at witching hour? No, you might not see! As the sun never cries and so he never fails to rise over and again. He never gets broken, as he knows, the moon gets disappeared for appearing […]

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Is The World One Sick Game (Poem)

I walk on the street and watch the same tragedy be played again and again only difference is its with different names and different faces of different ages

In a world bound by rules its like a guessing game filled with risks one step out you can either get a slap on the wrist or could get death even in this twisted game filled with people who decide the fate of other people

In this game it leaves its scars on us all and with the constant change not everything stays the same forever cause sometimes balances of powers do sift among the power of others

I walk away from this world only a few times going my way to open my heart to the universe and whatever’s still out there just to hear the stories of other beings different from me hoping they might be doing better than I do

As we’re all busy ending each other this earth has suffered and seen the many abuses of humanity has done and slowly we can and will reach the oblivion that will case life on this little world to go out like a candle in the dark when the wax runs out.

Are We Even Truly Dead (Poem)

We walk around this planet with so many things in our heart and our in minds hope, love, dreams, fear, regret, love, and hate

We grip onto anger and let our other feelings begin to fade for a little while

There are people who walk this planet still plagued with hate in their heart for a trauma that happened to them almost an entire lifetime ago

I use to think that you live and then leave a mark upon the world because of the many good things many people left behind

But our life is like a beach people come and people go but are we truly dead even when we take the breaths that are our lasts

Even in death I see the voices of those long gone still talk even from the distance they are at.

黎明的殘酷 (Dawn’s Cruelty) (Poem)

The sun begins to silently set and my eyes begin to silently close to the world as i’m surrounded by the darkness of the sky enveloping me

The screams of the damned walking around echo’s in my ears breaking my soul to pieces the “living” who still walk suck the life out of everyone else while they themselves always try to keep up the façade of confidence but they have the weakness of being over shadowed by someone with genuine kindness

The light shines on their bodies but their hearts are as dark as their eyes

But even when I fallen to the bottom of this world the only person I can truly rely on is myself but as my heart beats while each drop of rain falls beyond the void I stand up

Above the dawn’s cruel light.

(I am not a native Chinese speaker I was just curious in trying writing some of my titles in traditional Chinese)

Nothing You Could Of Done (Poem)

There can almost be nothing no one not even you can do to even prevent this or that

There are always going to be people who say mean words or treat you unfairly

And sometimes their minds can not be made up but there’s still more wonderful and open minded people who don’t judge based on where you come from or what you look like those are the ones who words really matter

In my life I met many who have a heart and soul of a cold storm that causes the roar of laughter of others to fan the flame of ignorance

But even the most happy of people can hold the darkest of secrets you may never know of

The one’s who hide in the shadows can be beings of light within

And the smile they show could hold back large moments of sadness.