A Recent Negative Turn In School (Story Time)

This isn’t really that bad this just bothers me quite a bit now

So recently the teacher that I’ve had for English and social studies she was just recently replaced (I don’t know if she’s still in the building or if she was transferred to somewhere else) She was a substitute and was originally going to be with us until the end of the school year but it looks like she had to leave early. So pretty much for English the teacher I have to deal with is the teacher for “Science” and if you read my other story time video’s about what’s been going on in school this year you know why I say “deal with” because this teacher is in a sense “toxic” in a way and why I say in a way is because whenever there’s a situation within the class room she just adds more stress to it and before you know it the entire class is having a huge verbal argument about it.

The teacher would constantly threaten to call the Deans on some students but she never does it and then she would threaten to write students up but she would never do it either

Then she keeps on trying to baby everyone even though we don’t fucking need it but she never gets the hint

Everyone is pretty much fed up that we have her because all she does is want to cause a problem.

Yesterday we were given a midterm and it was in pieces she wanted us to read the first page then give the questions later on. She eventually gives the questions and everyone just skips ahead and just answers the questions and yes I did the same as well.

She was reading to us the story we all needed to read but no one wanted her to read it. She then got annoyed that everyone was talking and then says something along the lines of

“Do you all want to do this independently” And we all reply “YES” but instead she then says something along the lines of this and honestly it was very unprofessional on her part and highly unnecessary

“I’m going to keep reading anyways since some of you can’t read” Like who the fuck says that

Another and final issue is that she’s a compulsive screamer. All she does when she talks to everyone is she screams and yells at the top of her lungs it has gotten so bad that staff would peek into the room just to see what’s going on

And one teacher had to come into the room because she wouldn’t stop yelling.

So there’s nothing much to explain about that but all i’m going to say is that its all just a matter of time before she gets one of the students mad and then there would be a problem.


Replaced (Poem)

I was the one who was on top of the world
I was about to hit it big and reach the top of the charts and hope to be the one the world adores the most
But within the silence of my dark mind the clouds of gray sadness kept telling me that something was wrong
I heard them moving closer each day not knowing where they are I try to run but my body is frozen in place
I wasn’t afraid when I knew my time was coming
The sky outside had no cloud in sight but yet the sky opened up to show me the light that was hidden by most
And even from my fall no one was told and I was soon replaced.

Mind Of A Willing Slave (Poem)

In the age of the internet were still blind to the many things around us I almost thought I seen and heard it all

Only to slowly join a group that gave me hope and actually saved me from my fall as life tore me apart time and time again

Life got better with it and my soul began to shine one more again as if the feelings of dying were all fading and life was brought back

Slowly like an onion their past came to the surface and the disgust of truth they try to hide from others

But only I knew the truth that hid behind their fake plastered smiles. While everyone walks around like brainless zombies I was the only one who had sense left

And while they tried to make me seem crazy I realized they were all far gone from reality

Within my mind the alarms were going off but in my heart I wanted to stay.