Sun Luminosity (Poem)

The rain drops on my face and slowly the clouds begin to finish its job wetting the ground with its giving life

The clouds disperse and the sun just waiting above the clouds gives its illuminating light upon the ground

When nights are lonely and when the spring time is bare I still wish on the many stars hoping for you to come to me

But no matter how far something is I can still reach it with the sound of my voice and sight of my eyes reaching my soul to it

My loneliness holds back no one when I’m the only one struggling but yet we’re all still flooding into this world and as one comes one goes

Light the bright sun i’m here now giving life and warmth but then the next I disappear upon the horizon of the sky and shine somewhere else

But then as the next morning comes I show bringing my brightest face.


He knew where they had met, but he was less certain of when that was. He remembered the small town, and the woods, above all the woods, where they walked, kissed, watched the sun rise, the freezing dawns, enlaced, forever at one, with each other, and with the trees. Continue reading at Of Glass and […]

via Beginnings – Sisyphus #writephoto — Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

Walked Away (Poem)

I want to see you walk far ahead of me like a child who breathes life into this world do you remember the sights and colors of it all

Don’t promise me anything just try to walk far ahead and leave me behind in my misery while I look back on memories of my childhood and the choices I made in life time and time again

The world is like a giant flower wrapped in darkness only with the only small shade of light within it I can face the loneliness

At the moment of our departure from one another let me be able to stand against this cold wall and climb above this wall I learn how to fly or fall

Don’t promise me anything just walk away as far as you can so that maybe I won’t be able to grieve for your loss in my life

This world is like the flower that sits on the window sill with only a little light shining in on it
it’s dying a death of many lived

Let me understand that life has its many phases so try to enjoy your life if you can goodbye my lover and I hope you still see the brighter days ahead of your life

I can’t feel you anymore but the pain has numbed and the loneliness has taken me into its empty grasp.

Cold World (Poem)

The sun’s bright light begins to fade and the world begins to grow colder within this already growing snow

We’re spiraling into a life a solitary away from one another even though were within heart beats of one another

Please don’t let go of my hand can’t we still stay for a while longer in this cold

Your warmth is what kept me alive all these years no matter the tears or anger we had over the years for one another we’re still here together on this earth together

I still have your memories in my heart do you still have mine in your heart or mind?

This this world of pain I had no one until you came into my life like a butterfly on a summer journey of following the summer.

My fingers are slipping away and I don’t know how long it will be before the cold takes me but just remember how well I was by your side.

I Move On (Quote)

In my personal life I have been judged and I have been seen as different or made fun of constantly even in a community that’s all “love” especially by one person in particular but I had to move on since that person is out living their life doing whatever it is their doing but even though their body is healthy their mind isn’t

I don’t want anything bad to happen to them but I move on and live my life like everyone else.

Immature Instructor

You call yourself an educator but yet you speak to your students as if their still children when yet their close to going into this world and find themselves

You say your not a lecturer but yet you talk to us about a life not all of us want

You try to have everything perfect and want everything done your way

You yell and scream and think that’s going to do anything to solve a situation when it doesn’t

You say intelligent or old words and think people care

Or like to throw shade underneath your breath as if no one hears it

But I do you may keep that silly façade with others but your not going to hide who are from the others

We’re not fucking children anymore we are pretty much considered grown ups and we don’t want to be spoken to in your belittling speech

You like to judge others based on their writing as if they don’t know how to write or you judge them based on how some of them read but yet your slower than everyone else in terms of reading 2 sentences

I’m not being a honor student to please you I’m doing it for myself so I never have to see you or your demented blind ignorant arrogant and self absorbed mind

Just because you have your name on a piece of paper that doesn’t mean you know how to teach.