Escape To Dream’s Reality (Poem)

Why must the world be filled with so much pain but yet this pain makes us who we are as people

But when i close my eyes and just enter my mind i see an entire world broken into pieces filled with never ending sky many birds flying free from the ground and life although shattered vibrates all through the air

The warm sun gives me peace and the memories of the one i love is still with me some how

And even when i think your still gone i know your still in my my mind and heart and i hope that one day we can meet once again in real life and not just in a dream.

Left Alone (Poem)

For a very long time i thought that i was cleaver and that i could get by with no trouble treating each day as if it was my last and then here you are.
You betrayed my love and trust for someone else who never gave a fuck about you and threw you out after they finished you and yet you do the same thing to me and then expect me not to leave you. I’m not as weak as you think i still move on and then there you are again at my door begging to come back and foolishly i would let you back in just to have you back at it again but this time. Our love was like bubbles so delicate to the touch that they pop at any moment. I thought our future was going to be a long and happy one but now i see that your promises were all lies so i suggest that now on you keep your mouth closed.

Quiet Starry Sky (Poem)

Above the night sky lies the sight of more than a billion stars shining in the sky all fragile and broken just like my heart from all the memories it has lived time and time again

My heart hurts just thinking about you and your kindness but yet it still brings a smile to my face that i was lucky enough to meet someone like you cause not many people get that kind of opportunity in life

There are some who would go their entire life time without having a life long friend which is a sad and kind of hurtful reality we live in

But even as we go older each day i still reflect and i still look up at the quiet starry sky filled with many stars.