Wooded Land (Poem)

Wandering the forest in a lonely night watching the stars dance and shine in the sky
Loneliness and pain keep weakening me to where I loose my balance time and time again
I’m walking on the path of flowers with the once in a while smooth stone glazing my foot and then the occasional sharp rocks and glass that cut my toes
The animals trail quietly around me paying me no mind just going about their day as if nothing is happening
Slowly the feelings of the past pop up and i’m over thrown with emotion only to later walk into the river of healing and come back to myself.


Blank World (Poem)

Who said you needed to be famous to cause a stir in a struggle of life and death
In a fit of rebellion you think being edgy like the people of today is going to bring you peace is sadly mistaken

Taken from the pages of my colorless mind I use to dream and see color so bright that the basic “eye” wasn’t able to see

I saw worlds beyond ours full of different realities I cant tell all who told me

But if a fate can not be decided or fought upon I dream of wanting to live for you because living for someone is what makes life shine right?

The universe guided me to you who beyond any sort of guess or luck we were two different souls in two different bodies but with the same type of mind surprisingly

Our love was like a flower set on fire both beautiful and unpredictable

You became the sun, and sky, While I became the moon and ocean rocking back and forth in a harmonious cycle

Life is more or less a reality in which we live together but yet its like a candle that burns and with you I want to burn this candle with you

But be weary of others the ones closet to you the poison they can feed you and the lies they can do to you only to destroy your life

Don’t just stay in denial do what you need to do.

Our world is more colorless than my blank world.

Busy City Under Quiet Sky (Poem) 

Pollution fills the air and the sight of many people rushing from one place to another give me the feeling of more loneliness. Even from my tiny apartment building looking far from where I can see quite a few things.

From lovers kissing to animals climbing on the buildings carefully making sure they don’t get hurt. In the other little apartments above me I hear the crashes., screams and cries of a broken soul fighting against life loosing hope in a suffering struggle we all go through on a daily basis

So tired of expression and the many personalities of this vast city which run me empty time and time again

With the stars that quietly shine at night still gives me the peace I long for only to have that peace break with the sounds of a fire truck or ambulance’s siren filling the air with sounds of warning and fear in it’s wake

So tired of expression and so tired of loneliness but looking up I guess even the sky is sick of hearing the busy city that lives below it.

Under The Twinkling Night Sky Is But A Reminder Of A Memory (Poem)

When you left every bubble of soda is like a twilight of a star that I would wish on time and time again when I was much younger

I only turned around for a second and to only see you gone it broke my heart into tiny pieces when I saw the space you were in empty and devoid of your presence

I miss you very much

Where are you and where did you even go leaving me behind hurt me the most

In these times of burden I had to carry everything on my own I gave you the entire world and my entire life and all you gave me were the ashes of a dead candle

Did you betray my love for someone else betting my life to no end only to get a reaction out of my

Under the night sky I still sometimes see your face and it makes me cry knowing that I never got the chance to say goodbye

But today I see it through while I sing my songs because I should of known the signs of turning on me and leaving like a bird in a hurry.

So under the twinkling sky is all but a reminder of a memory.

Dancing Wave (Poem) 

The sound of bells on my scarf lightly sway with the sound of harmony while my hips move from left and right to a figure eight. 
Like a snake I danced my way around the around the world showing what I had with fans in hand I became the ocean unbound and uncontrolled like the wind but heart and mind as open and mysterious as the universe with many dazzling stars. 
Slowly he came near drawn in by my kind and calm nature. He soon became my ground and I his dancing wave.