And even though i’m struggling in life at least my friends and other people i know can achieve higher than i ever tried too…

I’m broken beyond repair the life i hid so well could now be exposed at any moment

Life drained from me and will fading away broken shattered pieces of a story once full of life is now nothing.

Mango Peach Blossom (Poem)

On a hot summer day quite a few years ago i remember that i found a seed that had come off a flower that had orange and yellow hues like the sun with a touch of red and had a smell like orange mango and cinnamon

The seed itself not yet put into the ground felt like it had life brewing within it already as if a tear came from heaven it shaped half of a heart

Later buried and soon during the hot season life began under ground the forming of the roots

The growing of the steam and soon the development of the petals and heart of the flower

It lasted through the scorching hot heated days and raining seasons

To only come back fully developed and also taking in some more life that came from the sun

It smelled nothing like it’s previous incarnation

This one smelled of peach and had a blossom of white pinks and orange at it’s petals with a bit of yellow and green all in it’s center.

Ocean Of Emotion (Poem)

Every time i close my eyes i’m in an ocean full of feelings that constantly hit me

Even though i’m breathing under the water i’m not drowning i’m just sad

The many tears i cried ended up here and my world became an ocean that never was calm

But an Ocean full of emotion.

Hot Summer Night (Poem)

Even when the sun began to slowly set and the sky began to turn dark

The heat of summer still left it’s hot feeling behind

And even though summer isn’t my favorite season

The flowers still bloom and the animals still come out to sing once in a while

The social gatherings of people grew bigger

The increase in using electricity

And even the feeling of Nostalgia

I miss the cold winter the feeling of winter the snow the silence the howling

And the long long nights.

Are You Okay (Poem)

I was trying to get my mind off of my thoughts so i began to read a book that had words both short and long all in bold print

I sometimes look to other tables and notice a few people sitting with one another talking about god knows what

I still try to keep a straight face and pretend i’m alright

I soon leave the crowded coffee shop and just go out to the park and just walk looking at the flowers and many tall trees that live there

I then soon notice him he saw me and came up to me and asked me if i were okay

I’m fine i keep saying to him and our conversation was nothing more but just friendly chats about nothing

But day after day he would ask the same question me trying not to loose control i keep lying saying that i’m alright and even though he knew me for me i didn’t want to have him worry

A small ounce of sadness was shown on my face

I didn’t say a word i just hugged him and started crying he kept asking why i was crying and then soon asked if i was “Okay”

No I’m not okay i said to him

I’m not Okay