Dream Of The Same Dream (Poem)

At night when it’s time to wind down i still feel the same like i use to even though I’ve grown quite a bit as a person.

Loneliness at night was something that became something i was use to cause when the light go down and people start to leave me alone it’s only me my thoughts and my same dream.


Gone But Never Forgotten (Poem)

Everyone at some point looses a lot of things and sometimes not realizing it.

I remember when the day i lost my four legged friend who has been with me since childhood.

We almost practically grew up together through the years but then when age started to hit i started to loose him and yet he still stayed the same.

I still remember the day when you finally left this world tears never stopped flowing and feelings never went away.

You were the one who gave me life a reason to wake up and try so i still ask myself why was it you who had to die.

You were the one who gave me wings and a reason to wake up and still sing the many songs we enjoyed together.

Lost but never forgotten I’ll always remember you.

Painting In The Sky (Poem)

In the morning’s sun rise the clear night sky fills with the colors of pink, orange and red like a painting that was crafted with the most gentle of brush strokes no one can copy. And yet i hear the silence play out as this wonderful display of art shines in my face and in my eyes throughout the universe but yet not another soul sees it. This wonderful painting in the sky.

“The sky is covered by clouds

A thunderstorm is coming

Tiredness and pain keep weakening me

I’m almost desperate

This close to desperate

But I am too proud to say it.” -Laure Shang “Paint My World” (画出我世界)